1. Original songs created for the “Stories of our Lives” film soundtrack. Stories of our Lives was the first feature film by the NEST Collective, an anthology film based on the lives of queer Kenyans.

    Visit www.storiesofourlives.org for more information.

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    Malcolm X pictured here at a reception held in Nigeria during a visit

    More Vintage Nigerian photos

    Just YES!

  3. Self-Portrait Photographer Samuel Fosso


  5. Afropolis

  6. The Vodu Marvel’s Gods Of Africa 

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  8. Les Peuls de ma région de Sikasso’, Mali - Mory Bamba

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  9. …y sabes también hablar africano?

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  10. Afrohipster Session en Vaciador34. Agradecida es poco a Nye Blen Matthieu Cretté Viva la conexion Bamako-Lombock-Madrid 

  11. Afro_diasiáco is the house #afrohipster

  12. "I have a husband" "So what? I have 2 wives. You can have 2 husbands." #afrohipster Xala (Ousmane Sembène, Senegal, 1975)

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  13. Toma y toma #Afrohipster desde Ivory Coast con Ernesto Djédjé

  14. Africans Made in Chine

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  15. Somos muchos más #IAMAMAN #afrohipster